The underlying theme in my abstract paintings has been movement, this has taken different forms, depending on the subject of my work. For quite a long period music and dance predominated.

The 'Migration Series' of paintings resulted from an interest in the movement of animal groups, as the seasons change. The paintings do not depict this literally but suggest the patterns and the apparent randomness of such movement.



In contrast the 'Portal Series' are inward looking and are the result of my experience of exploring Lycian Rock Tombs in Southern Turkey. These paintings attempt to express both the strong architectural forms and the mystery of an ancient people.

At present, I am interested in the movement of water and the effects of light both natural and manmade. Hence a number of works are titled 'Aqua'.

Digital photography has also informed many of these recent works, for it has allowed me to record light in movement. Many of these shots have become visual statements on their own merit. One of my reasons for including them in my most recent exhibitions, was to give the viewer a 'way in' to understanding these predominantly abstract paintings.